Why We Started Threadvest

Today’s ETF search tools are outdated.

Today’s ETF search tools are outdated.

Under the hood, many of these sites and services merely resemble giant spreadsheets.

Problem is, complex filters and categories aren’t equipped to match you with the right ETF investments based on your priorities.

And with more than 2,200 ETFs on the market, how can you possibly know that you’re investing in ETFs based on your interests, investment goals, and other priorities?

It’s almost like someone didn’t want to make it easy for investors to find ETFs at all.

Introducing Threadvest

Hi, we’re Mike LoBosco and Marko Dedovic, co-founders of Threadvest.

Together, we’re on a mission to help you discover ETFs based on what’s important to you.

That’s why we created a new ETF search technology called the ETF Miner.

The next revolution in ETF search: Introducing the ETF Miner

The ETF Miner is a robust technology that can help you find ETFs based on your specific interests and priorities.

Best of all — it’s free.

We’re confident in the ETF Miner’s power because we’ve worked in this industry. And through our own use and analyses we know we’ve created a tool that works.

One reason for ETF’s rise in popularity is that they cost less than their older counterparts: mutual funds.

And over the past 10 years, investors have begun to favor low-cost, passively-managed ETFs over high-cost, actively-managed mutual funds.

In fact, evidence suggests that cheaper funds succeeded more than double the amount of the priciest ones. In addition, studies show that if you match a market index with a low fee, you’ll be ahead of the majority of the “smartest” active investors out there.

Returns are another major reason why investors love ETFs.

Studies have shown that passive investments regularly outperform active investments.

Altogether, compared to mutual funds, ETFs:

  • Typically have a lower expense ratio, free of load fees and annual marketing costs
  • Allow intra-day price discovery because they trade like stocks
  • Offer a more transparent picture of the “basket” of stocks they invest in
  • Have steadier investing formulas, which prevents style drift, which occurs when fund managers deviate from their stated investment objectives
  • Are more tax efficient because they create fewer “taxable events” to shareholders, such as the capital gain distributions generated by mutual funds

These reasons help to explain why the market for US-based ETFs has hit a record $4 trillion in AUM, and is on target to reach as much as $25 trillion by 2025.

But with this migration has also come competition and oversaturation, which makes it hard for both novice and seasoned investors to find the right ETFs to invest in.

What if you own shares of a company whose business practices you don’t support?

Or perhaps you’re concerned about fees eating into your returns and want to find ones with lower costs?

Or you want to invest in a smaller-sized ETF that has a specific theme you’re interested in.

It’s an exciting time, for sure, but we know how important it is to fully understand the details of your investments.

We created the ETF Miner technology to help match each unique investor to the unique attributes of each ETF.

The history of Threadvest

In early 2016, after a 30-year career on Wall Street, Mike decided he wanted to take his work to another level.

He had decades of financial markets experience under his belt, and already helped build a small brokerage firm from scratch, which was later sold to a much bigger firm.

Mike knew his contribution to “do good” would be in finance, but how?

Early in 2018, Mike and Marko, who previously worked together on Wall Street, sat down for dinner to catch up on what they were up to in life and business.

Marko was all about the math. He was well learned in mathematics and financial engineering and had a natural talent for numbers.

Coincidentally, Marko had already started putting together an educational site for ETF investing, comprised mostly of tutorials, ETF “myth busters,” and interesting data analysis.

He, too, wanted to make a contribution to financial good.

After batting around some ideas and what-if scenarios, the idea for Threadvest and the ETF Miner was born. We named it Threadvest to signify …

Why Threadvest?

Our simple goal was to make finding ETFs easier. For everyone. We knew this would be possible once we fused our investing knowledge and technical skills into a single process.

The “threads” of a computer program are the lines of code that allow it to execute sequential actions or many actions at once. Combining this concept with “investing” was how Threadvest was named.

Better ETF investing begins with ETF Miner

Ready to try out the ETF Miner?

Click here to get matched to your ideal ETFs today.

Or, learn even more about the technology behind ETF Miner here.

We’re excited to bring you along this journey with us, and we want your help to keep improving.

Feel free to drop us a line with your ideas, questions, and suggestions to mike@threadvest.com.


— Mike and Marko