Ways Financial Data is Used Online

What are the most common ways to monetize finance data online? Utilization of financial data online is a relatively new concept. Historically, financial firms have been handling most of the large financial data processing in house and using this data for online purposes has been a rare adventure. I have identified four use cases and as I’m sure this list will grow please reach out at contact (at) threadvest (dot) com to expand this list.

  1. Trading – most obvious one and probably the one with longest tenure. Simply grab a large set of data and make your trading decisions around it
  2. Display – simply format the raw data from your API provider and present it on your website driving traffic
  3. Re-sell the data – extension from #2, create a few metrics, format and sell for subscription
  4. Large data processing – process the data to simplify the process of finance data interpretation.

First three use-cases have been around for awhile and are extensively present online. Our company Threadvest is in the fourth use case where we try to simplify the process of analyzing the data and bringing users to the decision through web architecture. Our system is not a subscription based and is open for our users. While Threadvest does store a lot of data in house and could be in the business from 1 to 3, we have decided to try something new.

We believe that with large data processing we can offer our users ETFs that match their interests setting them on their path for asset compounding. In the same time, we believe this is the innovative way to match ETF issuers and their funds with investors that are most likely to match with their investment philosophy. I would say like a dating website for investors and ETFs but an image of a person dating an ETF is too much. Ha.

Stats (inception + 2 months):

Alexa rank: #900k

US Rank: #175k

ETFs offered: 250

Next stats update will be in 2 months again. Talk soon.