Threadvest Envelop

Threadvest features its Envelop on the front page of the webite. If you look up the word envelop you’ll find synonyms like “engulf”, but also nicer ones like “swaddle” or the innocuous word “overlay.” There are many, but if we had to pick one, “embrace” would be the best of the bunch. Investing is an especially challenging pursuit, one that can fill you with a bit of anxiety. That could be why people pay so much to have others handle it for them. If you want to start your journey now, or just a little bit towards it — a first step; you could start in Threadvest’s embrace. Start by putting pennies, small change to use. See what a couple of months of performance looks on that change looks like.

There is risk, but if you start slow, you could “gird” yourself (another synonym). Think of our envelop as a place that presents a few choices that you can consider, a sandbox where you could find your own place. Not a playground with bullies hurling acronyms at you in that jungle out there. You’ve likely noticed by now that acorns works by rounding up your credit card purchase amounts. What happens is that change, that round-up in amount up to the next dollar actually comes out of the checking account you linked to the acorns site. A bit of directed or forced saving, but in the most delightful way…

You can stop the round-up if you wish, wait out the market a bit and go back in when it makes sense for you. The ETFs your placed into (the automated part so you don’t have to worry about making selections) are inexpensive when compared to most other investments, and keeps you away from single stock risk. Link to (Marko?) for more information.