The Technology

Threadvest’s technology pairs simple and intuitive ETF search tools with industry-leading data to provide insights for better, more informed investment decisions.

Using a proprietary set of calculations the ETF Miner allows you to quickly and easily get matched to ETFs based on your specific interests.

Our technology also provides what is Trending; that is where most investment dollars are going.

Threadvest Technology Diagram

How It Works

You: It all starts with your input into the ETF Miner. ETF Miner uses natural language processing. That means, you can begin searching by keywords of interest, stock ticker symbols of the companies you want invest in, or the name of an ETF you’ve read about.

Miner: ETF Miner searches more than 2,000 funds, around a hundred data points per ETF, and over a dozen metrics to determine suitable matches.

Your Miner: Your results are returned with up to three actionable ETF selections based on your choices.

Real-Time Data Insights

Want to learn more about the data ETF Miner captures?

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