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As you begin to progress in your investment life and start accumulating assets, Wealthfront might be the perfect call for you to make an important impact on your wealth. There are many robos with smaller minimums, but Wealthfront’s low, $500 minimum allows you to easily get in there and use its investing and what we consider to be other premium services. Threadvest invested $10,000 on April 4 and the money was put to work within 24 hours. Wealthfront has low fees and pays a better than average rate on your cash. If you do not like to have dividends immediately re-invested, then Wealthfront is the place for you. Cash is re-invested though at a point. See Control section. Cash held at 7/5/2018 was invested at the favorable rate of 1.5%. Wealthfront fares well in the categories that we consider to be most important. The Advisory Fees we have paid to date are low. As the first $10, 000 is managed without any management/ advisory fee, we paid only $0.01 in July, $0.02 in June and May and nothing in April. That is a good deal !


Wealthfront asks easy to understand questions to ascertain what type of ETF allocations they should purchase for you. The allocations can be changed when you go back and answer the questions differently based on your evolving needs. You are able to see the allocations being considered before you confirm. Re-allocation buys and sells occur when the level of investment in a certain asset class drifts from its allocation parameter. Since there are no commissions, trades to reallocate are free. Wealthfront’s website clearly displays the activity in your account, good information about the time to your goal, and what to think about along the way. After presenting your account balance you are able to easily see where you’re invested and what investments you’ve had in the past. We’re personally invested in Wealthfront because of the low fees and overall quality of the information they provide. We also enjoy how their top notch technology around linking and account aggregation.

The most important criteria

  • Management Fee
  • ETF Fees
  • Control
  • Linking
  • Phone App
  • Education

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