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Acorns has a unique Round-Up feature, designed for getting people to start saving. Put “spare” change to use from credit card purchases and invest in a partial share of an ETF. Read the site to check out all Round-Up details. Then, link the credit cards you want to be part of the RoundUp to the checking account you’ve already linked to the site for all funding into Acorns. The Student Promotion can save you the management fees for up to 4 years. You need to be a Student with a valid .edu email address. Begin to achieve some level of financial savings, invest in yourself and get on the road to independence. Stop relying entirely on others to manage your money. Acorns has a quality phone app and great educational pieces you’ll need to grow your knowledge base. Since you are starting out, Acorns selects all of your ETFs. Acorns does not offer any of its own ETFs and typically invest in Vanguard and iShares which have very reasonable ETF fees.


If you’re early in your investment life and/or just want to learn more, then Acorns might be the perfect call for you to start making an important impact on your wealth. First off, as an investor, one of the most important questions you must ask yourself is what tolerance for risk you have. This can be dependent on numerous factors such as age, income, upcoming substantial bills (tuition, medical) etc.

Acorns will help you think about some of these questions before you deposit your investment funds. Acorns fares well in the categories that we consider to be most important, but certainly does not have every key factor. We’re personally invested in Acorns because of its really good features, feel and the good ETF selections they have made for our account so far. Threadvest will keep an eye on the prize and make important observations as we journey together with you.

The most important criteria

  • Management Fee
  • ETF Fees
  • Control
  • Linking
  • Phone App
  • Education

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