Navigating Life

Life? A lot to navigate.

Life? A lot to navigate.

What is the meaning of Life? Beats me.


You grow through adolescence and get through 8th grade.

A few bumps, bruises but none the wiser.

Cut our teeth in college, find what we ‘want’ and off we go!


Managing a boss

Maintaining your friends. Not as easy as it used to be..

Maintaining your good friends

Finding a significant other

Maintaining a good significant other

Being a good significant other yourself. Oh right; of course…


Making money

Saving money. How?

Investing your money. That too?

Investing in your health; whatever that means.

Taking care of your children.

Being more charitable than the average person.


Finding a job you really want now that you know what you want. Do you know?

Making enough money to educate your children

Making enough money to live where you want to live and have some toys.

Taking care of your parents.

Helping your closest friends and family through some of the items above.

There it is. Pretty easy, right? Ha.


Well, investing your money properly is easy in comparison.

Save it. Use compounding, or your money issues will be the only thing that compounds over time.

Work hard and invest wisely.

Oh, and the rest? It can be done too…