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Getting started with ETFs

New to ETF investing? We’ve got you covered.

Threadvest is committed to enhancing your education in ETF investments. If you have never invested in ETFs before, these insights are for you.

What is an ETF?

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a group (also known as a “basket”) of assets such as stocks, commodities and bonds. ETFs are traded like single shares of stocks. ETF performance is determined by the collective average of its underlying assets.

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Are ETFs risky?

Frequent trading, timing the market, and stock-picking may add numerous risks and costs to your portfolio. ETFs are no exception. So while there are risks with any investment, a diversified, “buy-and-hold”, passive portfolio strategy has routinely outperformed more active portfolio strategies over a decade.

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What is an expense ratio?

The expense ratio is the amount companies charge investors to manage a given fund. Average ETF expense ratios dropped to 0.205% in 2019 compared with 0.73% for index mutual funds and 1.45% for actively managed mutual funds. Lower expense ratios means more money in your pocket to save or reinvest.

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Why invest in ETFs?

ETFs hold different assets in order to reduce investor risk. But unlike mutual funds, ETFs do not have annual load fees, marketing costs, and generate fewer taxable events to pass on to the investor, giving many ETFs a lower expense ratio and better value to everyday investors.

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What is the ETF Miner?

ETF Miner is a selection technology that can match you with the right ETFs based on your priorities. Other ETF screeners force you down multiple rabbit holes, or require a technical background. This results in information overload for everyday investors. ETF Miner simplifies the process of finding ETFs so you can begin investing as soon as possible.

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Ready to get started?

ETF Miner allows you to quickly and easily choose from more than 2,000 U.S.-issued ETFs, based on your specific investment interests and preferences. You can also get matched by searching for the companies you want to invest in.

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