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Better ETF Search Starts Here

ETF Miner by Threadvest matches you with the right ETFs based on your priorities and interests.

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Why savvy investors choose ETF Miner

Most ETF search tools use outdated technology, forcing investors down multiple rabbit holes.

Traditional ETF screeners are over-complicated filters that require too many inputs. Investors must possess a significant amount of market knowledge and patience to get results.

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The Problem: Information Overload

Traditional ETF screeners have seven or more classification questions, followed by another 40 sub-categories, with even more optional subsets. These search tools are manual, time-consuming, and make it impossible for investors to make intelligent choices.

The Solution: ETF Miner

Threadvest’s technology pairs simple and intuitive ETF search tools with industry-leading data, for more informed investment decisions. In just three easy steps you can narrow down the perfect ETFs for you based on your specific interests and investment priorities.

Under the hood

While Threadvest’s web-based search architecture appears simple and streamlined, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes.

The result? The right ETFs for you…

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