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Manage your money in a better way through ETFs. Let us show you what an institutional quality database can do.

ETF Miner

Threadvest's Envelop

Threadvest is always looking for quality platforms. As you may see below - moving from left to right brings you from Automated to Autonomous investing. If you need help saving money and getting started, consider Acorns.

  • Acorns is unique in helping people save through its Round-up feature. Its Student Promotion delivers no management fee for up to 4 years. Acorns is a good place to start for anyone—younger or older, who have little investment experience and are forced to rely on others.

    Platform Review
  • Wealthfront combines automated investing with first class linking abilities. Receive your complete net worth in the palm of your hand, linking all assets and liabilities. Wealthfront charges a modest 0.25% of your account balance per year for their management fee.

    Platform Review
  • Invest without management fees! Begin to have some direct control over investments. In addition to automated investing, Schwab allows Users to de-select certain investments, goes deep on the education front, and has a good account linking feature.

    Platform Review
  • Use what you’ve learned, or already know, and control some of your investments in an autonomous fashion. Consider investing in Exchange Traded Funds on your favorite platform. See what the ETF Miner comes up with based on the needs you express.

    Go Mine!

Modern, Simple and Elegant Way to Search for ETF Investments

How is ETF Miner unique?

ETF Miner is a web-based architecture that allows you to search through hundreds of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) based on your interests and priorities. Once you set your preferences, Threadvest’s algorithm will scan through the database and offer you potential choices.

The whole process is:

  1. Streamlined: It takes less than one minute to get to your ETF
  2. Free to use: We do not charge our users
  3. Connected: We implemented safe API connections with major brokerages

Threadvest Management’s Investments

Threadvest’s Investments are all made in ETFs due to their low cost and targeted nature. We’ll show you how we are faring in each space and provide you with the powerful insights the market is giving us.

Strategies (% Stock ETFs / % Bond ETFs):

  • Growth (80% / 20%)
  • Moderate (55% / 45%)
  • Capital Preservation (30% / 70%)
Strategies Investment Value Yesterday's Change Weekly Change
Growth $8,987 +$93 -$263
Moderate $9,206 +$78 -$260
Capital Preservation $9,591 +$45 -$49
Investment Total $27,784 +$216 -$572

Weekly Performance Commentary

Market has been volatile on Fed hikes, 2019 outlook and general pessimism in the news. The fundamentals remain strong, however market is building in the slowdown in 2019. Stay the course.

Date of Investments: On October 3, 2018 we invested $30,000; all in growth strategies. On November 30, we decided to change it up to give you the three different looks: Growth, Moderate and Capital Preservation. The Investment Values noted above includes the reinvestment of dividends and are after fees.

See our Disclosure on Threadvest Management’s investments

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