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Threadvest makes it easy to search and select from thousands of US issued ETFs in three steps.

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Having trouble selecting the right ETFs for you?

Most ETF screeners weren’t built for every day investors

  • Too many filter requirements
  • An endless process of elimination
  • Slow and time consuming
  • Disorganized and fragmented

Meet ETF Miner

An Easy Way to Search and Select ETFs

Our ETF Miner uses proprietary technology to allow you to quickly and easily search through ETFs based on your specific interests.

Choose your preferences in just three clicks and Threadvest’s algorithm scans our database to reveal those that match your choices.

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Take Control of Your ETF Selection

ETFs are growing rapidly in size, scope and number of issuances because they do the heavy lifting for you. They make it easy to invest in a basket of securities with no up front minimums. Every month ETF issuers release funds with low cost strategies in an effort to outperform the market over the long run.

Below is a sample comparison of three ETFs and their performance over 10 years. As you can see the two more specialized ones – RSP & IUSG – created more significant ROI.

  • SPY is a traditional broad market ETF, giving weighted preference to larger S&P 500 companies
  • RSP includes stocks in the S&P 500 but all are equally weighted
  • IUSG features stocks that are associated with strong growth characteristics

Before Threadvest, most people would default to an ETF like SPY because searching for anything more specific was too daunting. That approach could leave significant money on the table.

Now, with the technology in our ETF Miner, you can easily choose more specialized ETFs, like IUSG, that have the potential to garner larger returns and that speak to your interests and goals

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